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New Work

2015 - 2016 Oil Pastels

The idea germinates from a glimpsed magazine or newspaper photo with a personal interpretation of the narrative displayed. A few sketches evolve after many revisions to a satisfactory composition then transferred to a black gessoed canvas or artboard. The color is blocked in with Oilbar and upon drying layered with oil pastels. That part can take an hour or several days depending on my satisfaction with the image. David, my husband and framer, and I discuss the finish consisting of locally milled poplar which my husband stains to match.

Desperate 10” x 10” Oil Pastel on Canvas $90
Doggie Kisses 9” x 11” Oil Pastel on Art Board $80
Frustrated Politician 11” x 11” Oil Pastel on Art Board $70 Framed
The Conversation 8” x 11” Oil Pastel on Art Board $70
Oh Yeah! 8" x 8" Oil Pastel on Art Board $70